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Music Production

Unique tailor-made music for your video productions


Making Music

Music production is the art of creating a piece of music and performing it using instruments and technology into an audio output for use in many particular purposes. Production music, also known as stock music, may be used for background video loop, opening jingles, film ambiance, corporate/ advert video voice over background music and others. Our process starts from preliminary detailed study of the scope, the audience, the story and the medium, all of which inspire the composer to create a unique music line for production.


Depending on the size of the project and the aimed quality level, the final music production may be sent for higher grade audio mastering in well-known Abbey Road Studios or mastering studios of choice. This provides the possibility of enhancing the final production audio quality level to best achievable results.


Redmint is publishing off-the-shelf stock music for stock libraries soon. Keep in touch for more updates, and you’d be able to purchase locally produced royalty free music at cheap prices.

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