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Software & App Development

Laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart watches…there are computer systems everywhere around you. Get the best potential out of your business by optimizing your processes using the right software solutions or apps.


Tailor-made vs Off-the-shelf Solutions

Tailor Made software solutions are our geeky-est service. We transform your manual problems into a digital automated solution by designing and developing tailor made software. We strive to provide sturdy applications that can make your life easier, by use of industry standard technologies. If your requirements are of a large-scale, we entrust in help from our development mentors and direct associates to ultimately provide you with a solution.

The development life cycle ensures that your requirements are thoroughly studied so that with the gathered information, a software architecture is designed as a project backbone foundation. Backend and front-end coding ensure that a solution is delivered based on the initial design, while adhering to best practices to make sure that your software is secure, optimized for performance and is scalable for future development.

Testing and implementation are the final steps in the production where you can start enjoying your solution’s benefits.

During the system analysis process we throw a market investigation for off-the-shelf solutions that can cater for the requirements in study. Re-inventing the wheel may be a waste of time and money. We offer technology consultancy with off-the-shelf solutions if such solutions deem to fit the needs of your business, and proof to be worth pursuing when compared with an tailor made solution.


App Development

Mobile devices have become our go-to device to reach businesses and run a lot of our daily tasks. Whether you’d like to connect with your business systems or would like to give new capabilities to your clients, a tailor made mobile app may be the right tool for you.

We use NativeScript Vue scripting technology to be able to develop app solutions for iOS and Android devices with the same code-base. An app is a software solution designed specifically to operate on mobile devices. The design and development process is very similar to any other software solution. 

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