Here it goes, our first blog post! Welcome to Redtalk Tech talk blog. The place to find short answers for some interesting facts, good to know stuff, opinions and suggestions about technology around us. I’m a graduated software developer in the fintech industry, by profession. I’ve always been fascinated by technology from a very young age – I follow what’s on the market, what’s coming up, and most of the time I understand how to get the full potential of the tech around me.

But I’ve been growing to understand how many of the people I know undervalue the tech they have in their pockets! Quite a large percentage of the population does not comprehend what we have in our hands, let alone what’s in study right now. And this is no one’s fault, as such. The progress we’ve been seeing is running so fast that we don’t have the time to absorb the progress, especially people who are genuinely not interested in knowing more.

The fact is that there’s a lot to chew! The features, capabilities, free tools, and amazing apps. We’re living in a time were the processing power on our smartphone today has more computing power than the collection of all the computers in the world when we landed on the moon in 1969! The memory available to us is superb, and the connectivity we have today is just inconceivable. On the other hand, there are the risks – the security threats and the bad things that could happen have grown exponentially with the advances around us. The ugly fact of risks and growing threats is what makes me believe that an average non-technical person should have at least a sound understanding of the tech around him/her, the good and the bad of it. I’m a firm believer that such education should be treated as important as any other high-level subject in primary education.

Meanwhile, Redtalk is the place where I’ll be scribbling some of the (hopefully) interesting known facts and thoughts about tech in our pockets, amazing productivity tools (apps), security concerns and what to look for, and possibly much more. I hope that you find my writing interesting, and if you do feel free to share 😃

Do not hesitate to contact us if you’d like to know more about a particular subject or reference.